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Thanks to the support of people like you, Railroad Park is playing a vital part in highlighting all the things to love about Birmingham! Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll, lounge on the lawn, or work up a sweat, you can count on the Park to be a welcoming place for all.

Railroad Park members enjoy free event tickets, exclusive Park collectibles, special volunteer opportunities, and more! Your membership:

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  • Maintains an international, award-winning urban landscape
  • Sustains a vibrant, welcoming space in the heart of the city
  • Cements Railroad Park's role as a transformational catalyst in Birmingham

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Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, events and programming in Railroad Park are suspended until further notice, and this may affect member benefits around special events. During this time, more of your membership donation dollars go to support Railroad Park. Please contact us at with any questions about membership benefits. We appreciate your generosity, encouragement, & understanding and look forward to when we can gather again.

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*Event space rental is subject to availability. Please contact Railroad Park Foundation at 205.521.9933 to reserve your space.

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2024 Membership Print

2024 RRP Poster

The 2024 Railroad Park Membership Print is the creation of local artist Christina Johnson and is available to members at the Park Proud level and above.

Christina Rose Johnson


Christina Rose Johnson is an accomplished mixed media collage artist whose creations serve as a vibrant expression of her soul's journey through life. Fueled by a deep connection to nature and a particular affinity for birds, Christina masterfully weaves acrylics with various materials, including paper and fabric, to craft intricate mixed media paintings.

Immersing herself in the sanctuary of her garden, Christina finds solace and grounding in the natural world. Nature, she believes, serves as a conduit for her soul to quiet and align with God. In these moments, her work and philosophy has deepened to embody powerful spirit-led works of art.

As a self-taught artist, devoted wife, and mother of three, Christina is embarking on a transformative journey as a full-time artist. Her art is not merely a form of creative expression but a powerful vehicle for self-discovery and self-care.

Johnson's art is a testament to the power of creativity as a conduit for self-discovery and spiritual connection. Through her work, she invites others to join her in this introspective journey, encouraging them to find their own resonance in the layers of emotion, nature, and freedom she so beautifully captures.

Transformative catalyst.

Award-winning urban oasis.

Public/Private Partnership.

Railroad Park is a Public/Private Partnership. That means it relies on funds from many sources. Keeping the park open, lush and full of activity requires municipal dollars, corporate donations and individual contributions. It takes everyone working together.

Since opening in 2010, Railroad Park has transformed the mindset and physical landscape of Birmingham. Railroad Park has been a catalyst for economic development, downtown living and fun. More than 500,000 residents and guests of the Magic City will participate in Park programs and activities this year. Railroad Park continues to generate positive local and national publicity for our region.

And Railroad Park doesn't work without you.

Have you been prouder of Birmingham since Railroad Park opened, or had more fun in the city since we've been here? If you've taken a jog, eaten a lunch, had a play date, a yoga class, a meeting, an afternoon nap or taken a shortcut to a Baron's game at Regions Field, please consider making a donation. Any amount makes a difference. Any amount makes Railroad Park programs and operations possible.

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