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Railroad Park has earned positive national attention for Birmingham from influential publications and organizations that praise everything from the Park's design to its success in stimulating revitalization and transformation in the city.

As importantly, we earn positive attention from local five year olds. One of them told us, "I like the big orange fish in your pond. I named him Sophia, just like my sister."

Every day we hear from many voices about how our 19-acre green space makes Birmingham an even better place to be. Railroad Park Foundation's goal is to make the Park a place for Birmingham to brag about for generations to come.

Railroad Park relies on public and private donations to operate. It takes support from many people, many sources to maintain the Park.

If you've been prouder of Birmingham since the Park opened or if you've had more fun in Birmingham since the Park opened, please consider making a donation.

And thank you for bragging on us. We are working to earn that.

You can support Railroad Park through a one-time donation, or to maximize the impact of your gift, you can become a Railroad Park Member.

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Jon Osborne


Jon Osborne is a self-taught Contemporary Artist in Birmingham, AL who works mainly in acrylics. Jon holds an Associates degree in Graphic Communications from Trenholm State Technical College and has recently started creating art full time which has been his passion since early childhood. The principal themes of Jon's work are unity, awareness, and identity. He combines these elements to explore issues surrounding the ideas of understanding human experience. Jon uses his unique techniques of storytelling, psychology, theory, and meditation to illustrate his view of the uncontrollable world around us while seeing the beauty in it.

Previously, Jon's style of work has been described as "bold" and "intriguing," while using symbolism, hidden words and thought-provoking inspirations to bring awareness of our perceptions. Osborne also goes by the moniker of "Jon of Art." Recently, Jon won the Joe Piper Distinction Award at the 2019 Magic City Art Connection and was a participating artist at the 48th Kentuck Arts Festival 2019. He is also an artist at Grand Bohemian Gallery in Mountain Brook, AL. As Jon's career emerges, he looks forward to teaching art, using art in community outreach and creating a foundation that supports the Arts.